Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Opening Day Pics

Space is swept, cleaned and ready! Oh Ho! Modern Art Styles!

The artists were working on a group mural right up until the gates opened.

Jen's painting "dropped it down to the ground!"

Juan even joined in on the last minute madness.

The newly christened "Soi Free Size"

Dancing mini Mr. Free Size gets down in the streets.

The bus is here!!!! Open the gate!!!!

People filtering in. Grabbing drinks and checking it out.

Hiding in the shade of gallery free size.


People picking out which shirt designs to get screened.

Posing for photos with the art.

Free tote bag model.

Live screen printing. Thanks to the Sinudom staff for doing it real proper!!!

Jen signing a shirt for Cherry.

Gang Dang on the move. Factory ladies were being kind of shy so we brought the curry to them!

P7, Alvaro, Jen, Juan, Leo & Logan giving the team free size scream!

The illusive P' Da showing off her autographed shirt.
Without her help none of this would have been possible!!

The last supper.

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