Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Install Recap: One Week Ago!

It is hard to believe only one week ago we were about halfway through the install of free size.

This is the way we spent 2-3 hours a day. Piled in a van. Stuck in traffic.
Oh the stories that were told!!!!!!

P7 shows off his custom stickers!

Alvaro's brother Ruben came by to give Jen a helping hand.

Alvaro's custom fabric wrapped and rolled from the previous nights printing.

Fixing up the rainbow drip.

Close up of Juan's structure. Almost ready to be skinned in black fabric.

Hard at work.

Locker prepped.

Close up of custom all over print.

Alvaro sweeps the floor before stretching can begin.

Stretching canvas.

Tote bags being manufactured.

Steven and Cybele from apexart made it to check out the install progress.

Jen's piece finished. This will probably be her first and last foray into using fabric!!!

Post dinner photo shoot with giant cow!

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