Friday, March 19, 2010

Install Recap: Final Day

Recap of the last few days of install

We started off the day with a visit to the local sticker cart.

Alvaro installed the stretched panels.

Final snake fabric install.

P7 working on the lockers.

Mounting Jens fabric piece on wood in preparation for final install.

Leo's little brother, Michael came out and helped. Here he is lending Juan a hand.

Michael was our only work place related injury. Despite the gore this was only a scrape.

Jen making final adjustments.

P7 brought out some paintings to hang in the space.

We printed some shirts to wear at the pre-party latter that night.

P7 mural detail.

Alvaro mural detail.

Jen mural detail.

At the pre-party we screened some of the artists' video work.
Alvaro was jukin' up the block.

All the artists were interviewed for a local cable TV show.

Final Full Day of Install

Alvaro working on the group mural.

Computer Arts magazine came out did some interviews and had a photo shoot.
Notice Nong Bpen checking out the scene.

Display wall set up.

Everybody jamin' on the group mural wall.

Somehow we ended up at a huge restaurant/brewery with live music out on Rama II.
It was surreal!

BEWARE: Hungry artists will eat a whole pig leg! Keep your hands inside the car.

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