Monday, March 8, 2010

free size filming

We are very happy to have some of Thailand's finest creative individuals coming out in support of free size. Local filmmaker Op Sudasna became very excited upon hearing about the project and has come on board to shoot some video and help us document the week of install and opening day. Thanks! Op!

Op recently completed Sambai, a skate video for the Bangkok based skate store Preduce. Along with lots of skate tricks Sambi includes tons of in jokes and visual cues from everyday Thai life; using your teeth to open a beer bottle, scary ghosts, eating food off of carts and napping all appear in the piece. Its also worth noting that local DJ Maft Sai helped select the sound track composed of vintage Thai funk and Luk Tung music.

Sambai in its entirety is posted on youtube. Check it out!

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