Monday, March 8, 2010

Day One

Here are some pics from the first full day.

A day in which:
-the factory was toured, plans were hatched-
-J.J. market was searched, the heat became real-
-paint, brushes and materials were bought-
-many fine cuts of pork and tasty curries were consumed-
-much time was spent in traffic-

Juan working on sketches in the hotel.

Office doors, fully blessed and ready.

Jen peeps the proof.

We raided the all over print warehouse to check out all the screens.
Skulls, florals, animals, plaids and so many more.

We found the pattern bible laying on a table. A plain notebook held together with tape.
Filled with so much secret knowledge.

Empty ink barrels. Cleaned, stacked and ready.

Six barrels of black.

Random basic tones. Building blocks.

We stumbled upon the inks for Jen's project.

Alvaro and Juan check out the machine that prints blocker on the screens.

Alvaro checks out a burned screen from his project.

Sandals, four paint buckets and a mallet.

Computerized color matching system.

Final tone pallet with mix test on the side.

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